Beijing Ternational

Experience Tour Diplomatic Sport Show Photo Contest

China Beijng Environment Exchange

Garbage sorting from what I start

2018 Beijing Foreign Language Festival

2017 Photo-taking Tour in Daxing District

Colorful Districts, Colorful Provinces

Exhibition of Colorful Beijing

2017 Colorful World·Cultural Exhibition (part II)

2017 Colorful World·Cultural Exhibition

2017 Experience Beijing Opera Facial Make-up Event

2016 Walking Around Kunming Lake for International Friends

eBeijing Shichahai Culture Day 2012

Imperial Garden Cup 2015 Walking around Kunming Lake of Intel. Friends

Magical Journey of Science and Technology

First Photo-Taking Tour in 2012

2015 Traditional Chinese Music and Tea Activity

Health Culture Activity of 2012 Royal Garden Festival

2012 Xicheng Riverside Greenway Strides Walk Experience Tour

Learning from Lei Feng

5th Daxishan Fruit and Vegetable Picking Festival

Meeting in Beijing--Visiting and Seeing

Photo-taking Tour for Visiting Tianxianyu Village

2015 TNF100 RACES

2015 Experience Tour of Zhongguancun High-Tech Industry Street

Xiangshan Park Tour

Zhongguancun Technology Experience Tour

2015 Beijing Daoxiang town Kailian Festival